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Shadowbend Office Park

150 West Shadowbend Avenue

Suite 400

Friendswood, Texas 77546

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(713) 298-3466

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University of St. Thomas – MBA (1994-1997)

Texas A&M University – BS, Industrial Engineering (1985-1989)

  • Aggie Corps of Cadets


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Vijay K. Mishra is the President and Managing Principal of The Mishra Group, responsible for overseeing the execution of all aspects of the firm’s myriad of business components and operations.


Mr. Mishra, a native of Toronto, Canada, moved to Houston, Texas during high school.  Mr. Mishra went on to attend Texas A&M University and studied Industrial Engineering.  While there, Mr. Mishra was affiliated with the A&M Corps of Cadets with the intention of joining the Air Force where he wanted to fly fighter jets.  Ultimately, in 1989, Mr. Mishra instead entered the corporate world working as an Industrial Engineer at the Houston-based oil & gas company Entex, which was later acquired by CenterPoint Energy.  While working at Entex, Mr. Mishra attended the University of St. Thomas working towards obtaining his Master of Business Administration degree.

In 1997, Mr. Mishra obtained his MBA and ultimately left Entex to start a custom home construction company, Mishra Builders.  For approximately 14 years, Mr. Mishra led Mishra Builders in building dozens of custom homes for customers in the Friendswood/League City area, in addition to having developed several dozen track homes and completed several dozen extensive interior remodels.  Simultaneously, Mr. Mishra also owned and managed approximately 30 single-family rental properties.   In 2011, Mr. Mishra moved forward from single-family residential and purchased his first commercial investment property, and thereafter, the rest is – in many ways – “history.”


After having purchased his first commercial investment property, his quantity of commercial acquisitions accelerated at a consistent pace, and Mr. Mishra has now participated as an instrumental principal in executing approximately $250 million in real estate transactions and has led The Mishra Group in amassing a portfolio of real estate exceeding 1 million square feet through the development and investment of commercial properties.  In his career, Mr. Mishra has interacted and collaborated with hundreds of Houston’s top commercial real estate professionals and has become friendly with most everybody in the industry.  In many ways, Mr. Mishra’s strong and firm relationships in the industry have been responsible for his ability to acutely accelerate the growth of the firm.  Similarly, Mr. Mishra has established a reputation as an investor who will perform in transactions; consequently, buyers/sellers prefer completing transactions with Mr. Mishra due to his unique experience as a developer, manager, broker, and investor all-in-one.


To that end, in addition to his expertise as a real estate developer, manager, and investor, Mr. Mishra has been a licensed Texas real estate broker since 2000.  Since obtaining his brokerage license, Mr. Mishra has marketed and executed approximately 250 commercial leases on behalf of his own investment properties.  While Mr. Mishra opts to commit his brokerage license towards the purchase, sale, and leasing of real estate exclusively for The Mishra Group, he is often solicited by third parties who wish to engage him in managing and leasing their commercial property(s) due to his discernible success in his field.  Mr. Mishra is honored by his fellow property owners in local markets noticing The Mishra Group’s ability to close deals and lease property quickly.


Daily, opportunities cross Mr. Mishra’s desk while he is committed to expanding The Mishra Group’s commercial portfolio; each year, Mr. Mishra and The Mishra Group acquire several hundred thousand square feet of commercial space segmented across the retail, industrial, office, and flex property types.  Primarily, Mr. Mishra prefers to invest in mismanaged and “value-add” properties requiring rehabilitation and stabilization, but also invests in Class A and B property.  For Mr. Mishra, no deal is textbook, and he is in a very unique position to be able to individualize each and every property by developing and executing an investment plan to increase cash flow and the commercial value of a property post-acquisition in a realistic and reasonable manner.  Truly, there is no deal to which he cannot add substantial value.


Additionally, for the past approximately 23 years, Mr. Mishra has served as a Board Member and Director of the Association of Water Board Directors, the taxing authority which oversees Municipal Utility Districts.  Specifically, Mr. Mishra serves the citizens and business owners of Municipal Utility District 189.  His experience in collaborating with governmental bodies does not end there, Mr. Mishra has, throughout the course of his career, collaborated on significant matters with multiple cities and municipalities, including the Harris County, City of Houston, City of Friendswood, City of Seabrook, League City, Santa Fe, Alvin, and more.


Beyond his real estate endeavors, Mr. Mishra and his wife have three children; all boys, who, unironically, each attended business school and are involved with real estate investment in some capacity.  It is no surprise that Mr. Mishra entered the world of real estate considering that both of his parents had careers in real estate for over 40 years.  Similarly, Mr. Mishra’s youngest son, Shiv, joined the firm in 2017 and currently works alongside his father in overseeing commercial acquisitions and dispositions.

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