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NOI Management LLC ("NOI Management") is the property management, commercial leasing, and commercial and residential brokerage affiliate of The Mishra Group.  NOI Management exclusively manages and leases the approximately one million square foot commercial real estate portfolio and multi-dozen residential unit portfolio controlled by The Mishra Group.  Since 2000, NOI Management and its associates have marketed and executed in excess of two hundred commercial leases, over 100 residential leases, and represented The Mishra Group in the purchase and sale of over $250 million in commercial transactions.

NOI Management handles all elements of the operation of a commercial property internally, including property accounting, vendor engagement and management, maintenance and repair tracking, financial reporting, tenant correspondence, site inspections, and the project management of capital improvements.  Additionally, NOI Management utilizes a myriad of marketing platforms available to effectively backfill lease space and procure high-quality, financially-able tenants.

NOI Management has unparalleled experience in managing tenant relations, vendor relations, property management, property leasing, and commercial and residential brokerage.  By being able to effectively handle each component of property operation internally, NOI Management has a unique, and often unmatched ability to maximize the financial performance of The Mishra Group's investment properties.  Unlike most management and leasing services, NOI Management has a vested interest in the successful operation of a property—not only an interest in collecting fees and commissions then moving on.

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