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Mishra Builders LLC ("Mishra Builders") is the development company of The Mishra Group. Mishra Builders is the first business area that Vijay Mishra dived into in 1997. At that time, Mishra Builders' primary focus was in the development of new residential housing projects, including custom and track homes. By 2011, Mishra Builders had developed many dozen custom and track homes.

At that time, in 2011, Mr. Mishra began expanding The Mishra Group into the world of commercial real estate investment and management, purchasing the company's first commercial project. While minor, Mishra Builders simultaneously began working on commercial projects; including the full build-out of several lease spaces, and integral redevelopments to the property that added significant asset value at the divestment of a property.

Now, The Mishra Group has purchased and managed over one million square feet of real estate, and Mishra Builders has handled all of its construction needs. When The Mishra Group purchases an asset, typically a considerable level of construction involvement is necessary. Whether that is in the redevelopment of the property itself, or whether there are vacant units requiring build-outs, Mishra Builders is able to handle effectively handle all development and construction functions in-house.


By handling our construction needs internally, we are able to preserve costs in ways that other companies are incapable of matching. Undoubtedly, Mishra Builders has been responsible for the creation of many millions of dollars of commercial value in The Mishra Group's commercial real estate investments. And, in the same time, Mishra Builders does still build custom homes for third-party customers on a selective basis.

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